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    I am very excited about this new blog series, mainly because these two beautiful people pictured above are my sister and my future brother-in-law! This series will feature Hannah and Landon and their process of planning their wedding coming up in April, as well as Hannah’s tips, tricks, and things you need to know when planning your wedding.

    Since the whole Hicks family works in the wedding and event business, we have seen a large variety of themes and styles. All Hannah really knew coming into the planning process was I want my wedding to be fun and very different than what I have seen in my career. Knowing that she wanted an atmosphere where her guests could party and enjoy themselves, the first person that she talked to was a D.J. (the night she got engaged for that matter, because this type of environment was so important to her and Landon). 

    Hannah says that knowing what kind of atmosphere you want is the first step into the planning process. Knowing this will help you make decisions and be certain about them. Sit down, have coffee, and have intentional conversations about your wedding with your fiancé to know exactly what the both of you are looking for. If there is something that one of you is set on doing or having at your wedding, make that known. Listen to one another about the wants and needs both of you have for your special day.

    Find what is most important to the both of you and book those vendors first. Along with that, when you know something specific you want, yes book that first, but also book that specific thing before you think you need to book it. 

Next month I will talk about how far in advance you need to book your vendors depending on your wedding date!

Until next time!

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