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    Sometimes you really just don’t need everything. And that is okay! We have clients come to us all the time that just need really good, quality food without all of the extra staffing, decor or linens that we offer. That is why we have created a menu style just for these clients. We offer the high quality Impressions Catering food without the addition of linens, staff, and/or anything you can think of. You are still able to get great food with a little simpler feel. When you choose our Simply Catering menu option you still get the full experience of coming in for consultations, planning your wedding, coming in for a tasting, etc. Just because you, as the client, have chosen a simpler option does not mean that you will get shafted and your experience will change, we make sure of that. You are becoming apart of the Impressions Catering and Events family, no matter what menu option you choose!

– Mady Hicks

Impressions Catering and Events

Social Media Executive