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Being aware of all that goes into planning an event can be a hard task and this blog is here to help you understand a little more of what goes on behind the scenes that no one really thinks about. There are two different types of catering services. The most common service that most caterers provide is what we call “Limited Service”. While this option seems easier, it actually puts more strain and stress on you, the client. If you keep reading, an in-depth description of both service styles, “Limited Service” and “Full Service” is given. All in all, the choice is yours as the client to decide which service style best fits your event and budget. By the end of this blog, Impressions Catering and Events hopes that you find exactly which food service styles works best for you. 

Limited Service

This service type, while visibly cheaper, in the long run is about the same price as what a “Full Service” caterer would cost. The reasoning, after paying for a caterer, finding and paying for rentals, hiring staff and bartenders, paying for linens and many more attributes to planning an event, the grand total would be about the same or possibly higher than what a “Full Service” caterer would charge. Most commonly this type of service would require the client(s) to find their own rentals and coordinate times for pick up and drop off. The client would also be responsible for setting up and tearing down and also cleaning the venue. Unlike a “Full Service” caterer, with “Limited Service” the client is responsible for hiring service staff, if needed, and staff responsible for flipping the room from ceremony to reception. The food that is being served at these events are usually heated up prior to the caterer’s arrival and held warm until served. After all the guests have eaten the caterer would usually leave, although it is possible that they might clean the kitchen or at least sweep the floors before leaving. After the reception is over, the client would be responsible for all of the cleanup.

Full Service

On the other hand, “Full Service” catering is a “one stop shop”. They are usually the first ones to the venue and the last ones to leave, making sure that the client and guests are happy, and taking out the last bag of trash. This is what Impressions Catering calls the “I don’t have to worry about a thing” package. This service type takes care of everything; it also includes the flipping of the room from ceremony to reception, if needed. You, as the client, would not have to worry about finding rentals either. With a “Full Service” caterer rental leads would be taken care of as well as drop off and pickup times. These caterers will take charge in the setting up of the reception room as well, leaving you, the client, with a peace of mind and the ability to relax and get ready without any stress. This type of service also allows the client to pick and choose just what exactly they were envisioning for their big day or event, whether that is family style, action stations, buffet stations, or even a plated meal. Your caterer is responsible for finding staff for your event as well. And like previously stated, “Full Service” caterers are the first ones to get to the venue and the last ones to leave. That being said, these caterers will take care of tearing down, clearing tables, and cleaning the venue towards venue specifications. You don’t have to worry about a thing.

– Mady Hicks

Impressions Catering and Events

Social Media Executive