Papas rellenas

*comes with 6*

Chili-cumin shredded beef stuffed mashed potato and fried

Bacon Wrapped Shrimp

*1 dozen*

Jumbo shrimp wrapped in applewood smoked bacon and dredged in Cajun Blackening spices

Mac and Cheese Bites

*1 dozen*

House-made mac and cheese, deep fried into crispy bite sizes


*1 dozen*

Creamy spinach with feta cheese and garlic wrapped in buttery Filo pastry triangles

Black garlic boneless wings

*1 dozen*

Marinated and lightly breaded chicken, tossed in our black garlic seasoning and garlic-soy glaze; comes with house-made Caesar for dipping


Smoked Chicken with bacon jam and mac and cheese taco Taco

4 tacos, house-fried chips and roasted salsa

nashville hot Shrimp Taco

fried shrimp in our nashville hot seasoning with white bbq slaw

4 tacos, house-fried chips and roasted salsa

gochujang pulled pork Taco

korean gochujang pulled pork with tangy slaw

4 tacos, house-fried chips and roasted salsa

kids tacos

2 fried chicken tacos with shredded cheese, house fried chips and queso


taco combinations

combo of chicken, bacon, and mac and cheese and nashville hot shrimp taco $14

combo of chicken, bacon and mac and cheese and gochujang pork taco $12

Combo of gochujang pork and nashville hot shrimp taco taco $14


*Add queso for $5*




Smore’s street taco

*2 tacos*



phatty mady chocolate chip cookie dough

*1 dozen*


Hannah’s heathbar crunch cookie dough

*1 dozen*


sweet william’s cookie dough

*1 dozen*


Patsy’s Nothing but the zest cookie dough

*1 dozen*


Cookie Dough Assortment

*Three of each Flavor of cookie*


baked phatty madys

*half a dozen*



*5 slices of chocolate dipped cheesecake*


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