Not sure what service style to choose for your wedding or event? No problem, Impressions Catering and Events wants you to choose the right style that fits you, your event, and your guests.

Plated Dinner

Who should choose it: Events or couples who want a quieter, more intimate, and formal atmosphere. By choosing a plated service style you will make an elegant impression while also showing your guests that you appreciate the intimate moments between people, creating great conversation for your guests at each table.

Who should avoid it: Minglers and social butterflies. Dinners take time, time that is spent eating and not dancing or conversations outside of designated tables. If this is you, and you want to stay away from the designated conversations think about a different approach to feeding your guests.


Who should choose it: Those who want to offer several entrees with a free-flowing vibe. Anything goes, from Mac ‘n’ cheese and sliders to a carving, pasta station, or an impressive mashed potato bar. Think about a creative way to capsize on you and your personality by adding a fun dessert action station.

Who should avoid it: Couples with limited space. You will need several buffet tables or stations to keep the lines forming, one thing that Impressions Catering and Events tries to stay away from. No one likes to wait in line.

Dinner By the Bite

Who should choose it: Minglers and social butterflies. Those who want multiple food stations with a variety of menu items for all appetites. Impressions Catering and Events’ heavy hors d’oeuvre, Dinner By the Bite, provides guests a meal on a journey, an innovative, walk-around friendly approach to the traditional buffet option.

Who should avoid it: Brides seeking the spotlight. Socializing guests don’t always gather around for introductions or first dances. If you want more of the “attention is on the couple” atmosphere, a buffet or plated meal is best suited for you.

Impressions Catering and Events hopes that this information and guide helps you in choosing the best service style and atmosphere you are looking for for your event!

– Mady Hicks

Impressions Catering and Events

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