If you’re not sure how to budget for catering, or not sure what all catering entails this post is for you! Understanding the many components that make up your catering cost is the first step in building an effective event budget. We understand this can be an overwhelming process, especially when your first event planning experience may be for something as personal as your wedding. That’s why our team of seasoned Special Event Planners are here to help! Every even is unique and receives special attention from our team.


The main priority you should focus on is what time of the day your event is taking place and how many courses and/or options you would like to offer to your guests. Something else you need to consider is the style and type of meal you are interested in. Be considerate about what menu options you are looking for, i.e., hors d’oeurvres, main course, dessert, ect., for makes up the largest portion of your catering budget.


Knowing the type of beverages you would like to serve is the next step in the budgeting process. Know your guests, and know your limits. Some of the beverage options include a full bar, beer and wine bar, or non-alcoholic beverages. Depending on the style of your event you might want to offer coffee or tea as well. Choosing alcoholic beverages on your menu will increase your budget due to the amount of staff needed.

Service Style & Staff

Our reputation is built not only on amazing restaurant quality food, but also providing outstanding service to you and our guests. Your event is executed by a varied team of event professionals including chefs who prep your food in our store front location and finish off on the day of your event, operations staff who manage your event and logistics and deliver and set-up your event. Each team member personally cares and wants to serve your guests which is why having a serving staff is so important. The type of service and menu style you choose will impact your budget by determining the staff-to-guest ratio required to successfully tackle your event. All of these factors combined makes up to half of your catering budget.

Event Length

The length of our event makes an impact on your budget as well. Evening wedding receptions are typically four to five hours in length. Deciding on a party later into the night will increase your hourly service costs and creates a larger menu for your guests to choose from. Mid-day receptions, however, require smaller menus as well as less event staff that is needed to execute your event successfully.

Rental Equipment

Because Impressions Catering and Events offers a full selection of tables, chair, linens, etc., you won’t be spending hours trying to find the perfect rental company to find all of your amenities. Knowing that Impressions Catering and Events does it all means you will only have to worry about one budget for catering and rentals. This means your budget will be a little larger than the regular caterer, but know that you will be getting wonderful food, great service and bartending, while also getting tables and linens and decor all at one place!

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– Mady Hicks
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